VIT ceramic vases are a collection of modern, organic shapes in a variety of sizes, designed to flatter flowers.

"I love flowers from my garden", says Kristin, and I appreciate simple bouquets.
VIT vases were designed with this in mind.
Contemporary pottery shapes include:
Torso, Bubble, Pod, Bowl, and Eve

The 3 bud shapes torso bud, round bud, pear bud can be purchased as singles or as a collection
Bud vase collections include 1 of each shape

Colors for VIT ceramic vases have been chosen to harmonize with flowers and foliage.

My organic forms are created using the ancient coil and pinch technique. Forming these pieces by hand is very satisfying. The results may not be symetrical, like wheel thrown pottery, but I appreciate the reasulting irregularities and softly dimples surfaces.
Thin, raised white stripe detailing applied by hand adds more texture to these contemporary pieces and ensures that each one is unique.
 All VIT ceramics vases are handmade in Seattle, USA. They are durable, easy to clean and can be enjoyed for many years.