VIT ceramics; Ceramic lamps, vases and home decor. Handmade, Kri Kri Studio, Seattle

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Kristin Nelson, Kri Kri, kri kri studio

Kri Kri at work

VIT ceramics are produced at kRI kRI Studio in Seattle. The designer and artist, Kristin Nelson, earned her degree in ceramic sculpture from the University of Washington and has been working in clay ever since graduating.  

VIT, say, "veet", is Swedish for "white". Nelson also studied in Sweden and speaks Swedish, so the name seemed natural for her home decor range detailed with thin, raised white stripes. VIT ceramics focuses on form rather than pattern. The sensibility is Scandinavian, practical yet soft and grew from a desire to simplify. 

large ceramic pendant light, white
Pendant lights are ready by custom order. Shown, Large Bubble. Opening is approximately 12"
Two other shapes available
VIT ceramics, table lamp, handmade, modern pottery, Kri Kri Studio, Seattle

VIT lamp bases  Nelson returns to her roots as a sculptor using the ancient coil and pinch technique to create organic modern forms. From each original shape a plaster mold is made so that multiples can be cast. 

The lamps are finished with high quality hardware and vintage style, cloth covered cords. Simple, white linen shades are standard. Contact us to purchase bases only. Discount for designers.

lamp finial, birds, white

I now offer handmade finials! Freshen up an old lamp or personalize a generic one.

VIT ceramics vases range from small bud vases to larger vessels. Considerable thought has gone into the colors offered to ensure that they harmonize with flowers and foliage as well with each other. There is something for every mood and setting.

Kristin says, "Through my ceramics, I aim to bring warmth and beauty into the home with handmade objects made carefully and thoughtfully."
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